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Ovo – The Universal Egg

Ovo – The universal egg from which all life comes forth, worshipped primarily by the Nareel and some Air Elementalists.

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Noaraon – The Watchmaker

Noaraon – The watchmaker, spirit father of time and creator of all the cycles in heaven and earth. Especially worshipped by the Filu peoples of Orlin who believe in the clockwork nature of the universe.

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Murr – The great sea spirit

Murr – The great sea spirit, worshipped under different names by many different seagoing peoples.

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Lai / Bune

Lai / Bune – The Liang “Great Spirit” not so much an entity as a single “unified spirit of the nation”, the Liang worship of Lai is more an expression of individual self discipline and duty to ones nation and the emperor who is said to be the physical representation of Lai. Bune is the Borth religion of service and self-sacrifice and as such is a very similar concept. Some scholars have even gone so far as to say that they are in fact the same religion.

Khell (the Excelsior)

Khell (the Excelsior), Arthian god of all that is noble in the spirit of man. Khell represents Bravery, Justice, Compassion, Truthfulness, Faith, Humility, Generosity, and Sacrifice. Unfortunately many of the Arthian noblemen who claim to be followers of the “Way of Khell” are seldom up to the job.

Dimu – The Jungle Lord

Dimu – The Jungle Lord. Worshiped mostly in Dimurgia, Dimu is tribal god of the natural order. Dimus followers believe that the axiom “Nature is red in tooth and claw” is a universal truth and the religion is structured as such, many more civilized peoples find the Dimu religious practices rather unsavoury and brutal.

In less civilised areas the cult of Dimus religious celebrations and high holy days are suspected to include human (or mungar) sacrifice. By contrast the cult of Dimu is one of the few religions followed by both mumans and the mungar.


Darkson, The Devourer, The Enemy, King of Riddles – it is unknown if Darkson is a god a demon or merely an entity from an unknown dimension. None who have confronted it have survived the encounter with their minds intact and very few have survived at all. It is believed by many that the concordat of the seven schools of magic maintain a sufficient vigil in Xiaur to keep Darkson in its maze at the heart of the mage wastes, some scholars believe that Darkson is not a single entity but rather the essence of chaos which takes form as one of many physical entities, more of which could enter the world through the rift known as the Void. One thing all the peoples of Isis do know is that what did come through the void must remain bound or all who live and breathe will suffer unknown terrors.