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March 17, 2010

The Farnine are a minute (6 inches or so) race of bluish tinged winged men, they are vegetarian in nature and enjoy nothing more than the midsummer and mid winter feasts of nuts berries and sweet ales consumed along to the mesmerising Farnine pipes and lyre.

The Farnine tend to live in and around the afforested areas of Frenalia, Arthis and Parthia, they sometimes trade and work with other races when it is to their advantage, they seem especially to get along with Filu and Borth communities. The Farnine very rarely live in other races communities but they sometimes employ or “Adopt” members of other races to help with the heavy work in their communities.

Not being very strong or tough the Farnine have developed into excellent users of both subterfuge and more importantly magic to defend their territories. Manys the raiding party that has entered a Farnine glade to rob their food and gold to return with no knowledge of who they are or where they come from, some never return at all. The Farnine at their core are easygoing nature worshipers and a good proportion of Uvan (The Earthfathers) can be seen amongst their number.

Suggested Careers: Gatherer, Minstrel, Brewer, Guardsman, Diplomat / Trader, Earthfather of Uvan, Trickster/Thief

Suggested Boons: Flight (Can Fly at normal human pace, ½ if flying upwards 1½ if flying downwards). (Costs 2 Boons)

Stats Notes: Maximum Strength: -1 Minimum agility: +1

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