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March 16, 2010

Population: 2,000,000 (30% Dimugian, 30% Axilian, 10% Heltron, 10% Axian, 20% Other)

Exports: Magical Trinkets, Finely crafted items

Enemies: None but what is called variously “Darkson, The Devourer, The Enemy”

Technology: An odd mishmash of well made craft items and various magics.

Military: Small standing army and the colleges of magery

Major Cities: Xil, Sandhame

Major Religions: All manner of cults, demon worshipers and unbelievers.

Law: Xiaurs laws are fickle mutable and apply differently from person to person and day to day. Only one law remains true for all is “The taint of the Darkson is death and shall be treated so”

Notes: Xiaur was once a plush tropical paradise kingdom until 100 years ago. The opening of the void and the arrival of the Darkson caused the southern nations to be thrown into chaos, warfare and pestilence. Only the treaty of magi and the work of the priests of Dimur help suppress and restrain the enemy to the area of Xiaur now known as the mage wastes. Xiaur is a nation, which at its core understands that its place and responsibility to the whole of Isis is in the maintenance of the vigil that keeps the Darkson at bay within his buried maze city. Seven of the signatory Magus Circles keep vigil over the mage wastes from their various citadels, towers and encampments. The city of Xil is without doubt the most magically active city in the known world, a high proportion of the population either working for or apprenticed to one of the 13 major schools of magic, Xil is a wondrous place of extremes. Beautiful glass towers sit next to the slums and squalor of the lepers quarter overseen by the priests of Ilarin, throughout Xil odd creatures, magical constructions and cultural confusion are never far away. Sandhame while not the capital of Xiaur serves an equally important function as a neutral meeting point for the magus circles to relax, re supply and settle their differences. Sandhame is home to the “Collegium Arcanis” which is not only the most well stocked library and magical laboratory in the whole of Isis, it also contains the “arena veritas” a coliseum of sorts where individuals can state their beliefs and grievances with other mages, if problems cannot be resolved in such a manner the arena can be used to solve the problem through magical conflict. In fact the collegium is the home base and training camp for some of Isis most feared combat mages.

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