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Westersea Nation

March 16, 2010

Population: Unknown but perhaps up to 100,000 (60% Murgallu, 40% Other) in varying sized fleets.

Exports: Whatever they can get their hands on, Manpower.

Enemies: Sea wolf Pirates, Some Dimugian trading families.

Technology: Good quality and fast ships.

Military: The Westersea nation has an inbuilt marine militia among its ranks.

Major Cities: Freport (More a base of operations, as it is an independent city state ruled by an elected council)

Major Religions: Murr “The great sea spirit”, various smaller cults.

Law: A quite harsh set of maritime laws, which set the safety of fleet, ship and crew above the rights of the individual.

Notes: The Westersea nation are an almost completely maritime nation. Their main interests and incomes come from trade, naval mercenary activities and general transportation duties. They have a quite honourable tradition of service and at times will find themselves in situations where either honour or contract forces them to fight their own brethren whose fleets happen to be working for an enemy. This over time has caused some inter fleet rivalry most of which is sorted out at the yearly mid-autumn moot in the bay of Freport.

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