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Seawolf Pirates

March 16, 2010

Population: Unknown but perhaps up to 50,000 (40% Murgallu, 60% Other)

Exports: Booty, Terror and Manpower

Enemies: Most seagoing nations.

Technology: Ramshackle ships of varying quality, long-range grapples and anti ship weaponry.

Military: The seawolves are a military nation if a little undisciplined

Major Cities: None, travel up and down the inner coast taking harbour where the find it.

Major Religions: Murr “The great sea spirit”, various smaller cults.

Law: Might makes right is the law of the Seawolf Pirates; they have a strong tradition of judicial combat.

Notes: The Seawolves are a loose amalgamation of pirate fleets of varying honour, ferocity and size. From small groups of sloops who can do no more than attack single traders up to the feared fleet of “Kaduh” self styled king of the Seawolves whose fleet has attacked and successfully sacked both Kulldarn and Fel-Gar. The Seawolves have no home territory to speak of but make land fall when necessary and convenient sometimes under the guise of ships from the Westersea nation. This of course has caused a great deal of animosity between the two groups over the years leading to some of the biggest naval battles ever witnessed taking place during the Westersea bi-annual moots at Freport

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