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March 16, 2010

Population: 7,000,000 (80% Parthian, 10% Arthian, 10% Other)

Exports: Fine Wine, Technology, Art and Culture, Legions of Soldiers

Enemies: Currently no open opposition, but many nations are not enamoured of Parthian foreign policy.

Technology: Advanced engineering, Major Canal routes and Aqueducts, Metal armour & Siege engines

Military: Large extremely well trained and equipped army and a strong if not as advanced navy.

Major Cities: Parthus, Malfius, Kulldarn, Arthek

Major Religions: Parthus “The World Singer” and his surrounding pantheon, Plus various cults and foreign religions.

Law: Parthian law believes itself to be fair and impartial but actually has a strong in built bias against non-landed Parthian citizens and foreigners.

Notes: Parthia is the most militarily powerful nation on Isis, it sees itself as a beacon of fashion, technology, culture and freedom. Other notions are not as sure, parthians tend to be so self assured and ignorant of others beliefs as to be patronising to non parthians. This has lead to an uneasy trade and diplomatic situation with parthias neighbours and trade partners. Parthian foreign policy is currently of a definite expansionist bent, the Parthian high council believes in “Civilizing” northern Isis and eventually the rest of the continent. While previous efforts in this direction were more overt and military in nature the current council is trying to export parthian rule and beliefs in more subtle ways, through trade, negotiation and “buying” lawmakers and political clout in other nations. This has lead to a underground of resistance primarily in other nations but also within Parthia itself.

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