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March 16, 2010

Population: 700,000 (35% Filu, 35% Borth, 20% Heltron, 10% Other)

Exports: Intricate Clockwork and other devices, Metal ore and gems, Fine food and ales

Enemies: None but are occasionally raided by Seawolf pirates and Gunrag raiding parties form the forest of Bol

Technology: Highly advance in the crafting, engineering and mining

Military: Small army of Heltron Warriors and Axilian Mercenaries, Murgallu mercenary navy. Orlin tries to maintain its neutrality in all things.

Major Cities: Bur

Major Religions: Noaraon “The watchmaker”, Bune (Borth), Core (Heltron)

Law: Orlin law is fair just and usually tailored to the individual, its justice system is not retributive but is aimed at conflict resolution.

Notes: Orlin is a very peaceful nation that concerns itself with personal advancement, trade and technology far more than conquest or international politics. The interesting mixture of Orlins main cultures gives this land a unique flavour, which is sometimes hard to understand for outsiders. Orlin maintains its neutrality in all political matters as best it can and tries to be on the best possible terms with its neighbours. The city of Bur is a very advanced place with all manner of new fangled technological gizmos and social ideas. Up to and including running water to most homes, street lighting in many areas, a steam powered communications system of tubes and canisters and a very enlightened social welfare policy.

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