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March 16, 2010

Population: 3 Million (99% Liang, 1% Other)

Exports: Oddly Designed Art, Some magical artefacts

Enemies: None presently but Liang has an uneasy relationship with most nations on Isis.

Technology: Advanced Engineering, Skyships, Black Powder Weaponry, and Canonry.

Military: Army numbers are unknown but assumed to be large and well trained, Navy consists of a huge fleet of sea and air going ships most of which are equipped with black powder weaponry.

Major Cities: Nirei, Dai Chen, Ichu, Ruku

Major Religions: The path of Lai – “The Great Spirit”

Law: Brutal, and based on a strict honour & caste code.

Notes: Liang is a land of honour, advanced technology and mystery. Very few beings of non-Liang origin have ever been allowed to enter the domain of Liang, and even then usually only when the Emperor or Dai-Lai as Liang call him decides it is important. The Liang race are believed to be a crossbreed between the Fregallu and Dimugian races and maintain the aptitudes of both their progenitor races, they are good conversationalists, researchers and diplomats but also have access to ancient summoning Magics and elsewhere lost fields of advanced engineering. Liang culture has five levels of society, listed in order of the respect accorded them they are, Lai (The Emperor), Likuni (Monk like seekers of truth), Kakuni (The Nobles), Airenni (Craftsmen and Tradesmen) and finally the Urkuni (The untouchables, The poorest of the poor and foreigners)

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