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March 16, 2010

Population: 600,000 (25% Axilian, 25% Heltron, 20% Borth, 10% Filu, 20% Other)

Exports: None

Enemies: None, but fiercely independent

Technology: Specially treated navy ships to withstand the burning seas ravages

Military: Small standing army, small but well equipped navy strongly enhanced by having good knowledge of the burning sea

Major Cities: Erine

Major Religions: A mishmash of cults from the Axilian, Heltron and Borth traditions.

Law: Strong no nonsense and quite harsh with no death penalty, except for treason and crimes committed by foreigners

Notes: Although not a powerful nation by any stretch of the imagination Kisth manages to be fiercely independent due in some part to the practicality of its people but perhaps more because of its protected and isolated borders, The lanis mountains and Dareens swamp stop approach to the city of Erine form two directions and the burning sea and a well equipped navy make a sea assault nigh on impossible. Even if an attacker where to approach Erine they would need extremely strong engines of war and sorcery to enter the city. Erine is not only incredibly heavily protected but it is also positioned atop a huge knoll of stone thrusting over 300 foot into the air. Kisth tends to verge on the xenophobic in their relations with other nations except with Faspe who the have built an uneasy trust with over several hundred years although the new political machinations of Parthia in Faspian affairs have not helped this.

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