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March 16, 2010

Population: 700,000 (50% Dimurgian, 20% Mungar, 15% Borth, 5% Liang, 10% Other)

Exports: Rare Herbs & Spices, Fine Wine.

Enemies: Kishan has no official enemies but Dimurgia does not like the fact that Kishan trades with the Westersea Nation

Technology: Well fortified Castles and Strong hulled Ships

Military: Small standing army and Navy, Major patrols of roads, and strongly defended cities.

Major Cities: Kise, Wesfort

Major Religions: Varies dependant on racial profile of area.

Law: The law in Kishan is based on Dimugian law but with a stronger belief in equality, many Dimugian merchants have learned that merely being wealthy will not save you from a prison sentence in Kishan.

Notes: Whilst heavily culturally influenced by Dimurgia and the Westersea Nation, Kishan has a flavour and feel of its own, heavily mercantile and seagoing in nature Kishan is both wealthy and wild enough for its citizens to have a strong interest in democracy and freedom. The Council of 5 is elected every 3 years thus leading to a situation where no one group ever has the ability to push through unreasonable laws or change the structure of large portions of Kishan law. This seems to make Kishan both free and politically stable much to the annoyance of those who would try to maintain a stronger grip on Kishans resources.

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