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March 16, 2010

Population: 100,000 (45%Gunrag, 20% Nareel, 10% Heltron, 10% Parthian, 10% Arthian, 5% Other)

Exports: Precious Gems and Minerals, Timber

Enemies: None

Technology: Nothing exceptional

Military: Gunrag raiding Parties, and various small forts manned by local warriors.

Major Cities: None

Major Religions: Dependent on racial makeup of a fortress

Law: By fort or tribe.

Notes: Kahame is the wild north in all its glory, only the tough or the foolhardy venture here, the Gunrag raiders and harsh mountainous conditions make Kahame a place to avoid unless one is in the business of mining for precious materials like the Heltron are, or one enjoys the isolation in the peaks of the Rakane mountains as the Nareel do.

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