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Isis Timeline

March 16, 2010

This calendar is the world of ISIS history as recorded by the priesthood of Parthus. All Dates by Parthian reckoning (PR), The Dimurgian calendar starts 650 years earlier (IE: 0 PR = 680 Dimurgain Calendar) and has some major differences in opinion.

Date by PR
– 4000 Parthus sings the world into being, and engraves the 12 noble truths onto the heart stone of the world
– 2000 The Fregallu choose to ignore several of the 12 truths and create their own set of laws
– 1500 Fregallu driven from the main lands of ISIS for their heretical beliefs
– 1400 The Bane wars ensue for 400 years
0 Malanxi the blue builds the walls of Parthus, and proclaims himself first emperor of Parthus.
80 The great temple of Parthus is completed in Moritax
100 First tales of the emergence of the Heltron from the pellane mountains.
770 The arrival of the Darkson, the 30 years war, almost complete devastation of the southern nations, scourging of Xiaur.
800 The imprisonment of darkson in the mage wastes. The Treaty of Sandhame signed.
900 Current Date

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