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March 16, 2010

Population: 350,000 (95% Fregallu, 4% Demon/Outsider, 1% Other)

Exports: None

Enemies: The Westersea Nation, although no nation has ever had an embassy on Frenelian soil it keeps cordial but guarded communications open with all other nations on ISIS, especially with Liang.

Technology: Some advanced engineering but mostly demonic oddities and constructs

Military: Unknown but presumed to be some kind of elite magically enhanced force.

Major Cities: Lialane, Mugath

Major Religions: None as such but many pacts have been made with powerful netherworld entities.

Law: Nothing is known of Frenelian law.

Notes: Frenelia is seen along with Liang as one of the two most impenetrable nations on Isis, both in terms of its culture and its intentions towards the world at large. Although Frenelia has not engaged in any kind of conquest in recorded history its is known by scholars that in the past at some point a race of demonic half breeds swept the continent like a plague and where only beaten back by great struggle and sacrifice. Many equate the beings in this fable to the nation of Frenelia. Their refusal to enter into trade with the other nations of Isis does not help matters, and the frenalians are often seen as the “bogeyman” by the common folk of most nations.

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