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March 16, 2010

The Dimugian race are born traders and travellers, quick of tongue and sharp of whit the Dimugian respects a snappy comeback almost as much as a sharp dagger or a full purse. Dimurgia is a temperate nation mostly composed of jungle wilds (in which the Mungar rule) with the civilized portions in the costal areas.

Dimurgians tend to have light to dark brown skin and be quite slight in stature, but make no mistake they are strong of whit and militarily second to only the Parthians. Many Dimurgians are followers of the ancient god Dimu who expects (and receives) human sacrifice to himself and the other Jungle Lords.

Suggested Careers: Bodyguard, Caravan Mercenary, Sailor, Marine, Freedom Coast Pirate, Trader, Priest of Dimur, Storyteller, Womaniser, Shopkeeper, Criminal

Suggested Boons: Gift of The Gab (+1d to trading rolls)

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