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March 16, 2010

Darkson, The Devourer, The Enemy, King of Riddles – it is unknown if Darkson is a god a demon or merely an entity from an unknown dimension. None who have confronted it have survived the encounter with their minds intact and very few have survived at all. It is believed by many that the concordat of the seven schools of magic maintain a sufficient vigil in Xiaur to keep Darkson in its maze at the heart of the mage wastes, some scholars believe that Darkson is not a single entity but rather the essence of chaos which takes form as one of many physical entities, more of which could enter the world through the rift known as the Void. One thing all the peoples of Isis do know is that what did come through the void must remain bound or all who live and breathe will suffer unknown terrors.


From → Gods of Isis

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