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March 16, 2010

The Borth are a large (7ft and up) muscular humanoid race of friendly pacifists, they tend to have dark grey almost elephantine skin colouration and texture, light coloured eyes and flat faces upon which there are two slit like holes in position where most races have a nose. The Borth are a race that take simple pride in a days work for a days pay and seldom get upset about anything.

Many borth can be seen in human society making their way doing heavy labour jobs in farming, construction and as stevedores. Although physically imposing a Borth will seldom involve himself in any type of physical conflict, may historians believe that the more aggressive elements of borth culture have been bred out after centuries of enslavement by both Parthian and Dimugian cultures and also because of the Borth religion “Bune” which is very similar to the Liang concept of  “Lai” but with more emphasis on service to ones lord than on self discipline.

It is said that certain factions of Borth Bune monks study the martial aspects of self-discipline and warrior hood with a focus on defeating the self-ego to better serve the objectives of the Bune religion. Magic is incredibly rare amongst borth but has been seen in some sects of the Bune religion. Also certain Borth have been taken into larger schools of non-aggressive magics for training.

Suggested Careers: Labourer, Borth of Burden, Nobleman’s Sedan Carrier, Farmer, Slave, Monk

Sugegsted Boons: Tough Skinned (+1 natural armour)

Suggested Flaws: Pacifist

Stats Notes: Maximum Strength = 6, Maximum Agility = 3

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