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March 16, 2010

The axilian nation and the axian nation where once the same but the axilian nation eventually managed to build year round settlements and “Civilize” themselves, developing a written tongue and basic engineering in the process. Most major Axilian engineering still involves trade with and use of Dimurgian resources. This further antagonises the Axian nations, who see Axilians as the “Weakling Lap Dogs” of Dimurgia.

While axil still has a proud warrior tradition (and some of the scarring of axian warriors can be seen amongst the elite army units of axilia) Axilia now makes a lot of its living from trade of goods and farming. For some reason Axilia seems to escape the worst of the red wastes unlike the hardened tribesmen of axia. Axil religion is a mishmash of old axian shamanism and Dimurgian cults.

Suggested Careers: Solider, Bodyguard, Caravan Mercenary, Trader, Shaman, Priest, Elder or Matriarch.

Suggested Boons:

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