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March 16, 2010

The Axians are a tribal nation who rely on the toughness of their warriors and the spirits of their shamen for survival. An axian is judged by their fighting and hunting prowess, the axian nation treats its women well but not as equals to men, a woman who does not bear children is worthless to the nation of axil but will be tolerated if she works well in tending to the flocks. An axians status can be seen from their tribal scars, a highly ranked axians face is a ripped and pockmarked affair with many folds of skin pierced with gold and silver trinkets.

The axian nation has no cities, axia will not support such large groupings it is a harsh land and so axian settlements travel seasonally to wherever the food or war booty is best. Some tribes are primarily hunters; some work from time to time as mercenaries.

The axil nation is officially at “war” with the Axilian nation and has been for as long as either side can remember; this “war” currently consists of the occasional raid and general banditry. Axian culture is based around an oral history tradition axia has no written language, religion is a shamanic spirit and ancestor worship based religion with the figure of Aixane – The Great Hunter figuring greatly amongst these.

Suggested Careers: Barbarian Warrior, Hunter, Shepard, Shaman, Bandit, Mercenary, Tribal Elder or Tribal Matriarch

Suggested Boons:

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