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March 15, 2010

Population: 1.5 million (20% Parthian, 15% Arthian, 15% Borth, 15% Axilian, 15% Heltron, 20% Other)

Exports: Precious Metals, Gemstones, Timber

Enemies: None

Technology: Parthian Imported Engineering

Military: A small standing army, backed up by a strong city based militia and a legion of Parthian soldiers based in the city of Lann.

Major Cities: Aspe City, Lann

Major Religions: Faspe has a history of welcoming all religious beliefs from around ISIS.

Law: Faspe law is a modern constantly revised and fair system of codes based on the beliefs of all its constituent peoples.

Notes: Known as “The gateway to the south” Faspe is depending on your point of view either “The most open understanding and fair society in the known world” or  “A boring one horse nation that couldn’t throw a good party if you forced it at sword point”. Faspe is a democratic, fair, free nation that attracts social outcasts, freedom fighters, merchants and escaped slaves from the length and breadth of Isis. While Faspe tries to stay neutral in all its dealings with foreign nations in recent years the Faspain high council have much to their chagrin had to accept the presence of a legion of Parthian crack troops in Lann for “protection against their enemies”, although the people of Faspe are said to be of almost infinite patience this matter may well come to a head over the next few years.

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