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March 15, 2010

Population: 4.5 million (70% dimurgain, 10% Mungar, 10% Borth, 10% Other)

Exports: Rare Oils, Silks and Fine Materials, Spices.

Enemies: The Westersea Nation, Strong cultural rivalry with Parthia

Technology: Strong Alchemical bent, many advanced medical procedures, and some Liang black powder technology.

Military: Strong standing army with many veteran divisions stationed in the fortress towns on the great Dimugian trade route around the Zanuth jungle, small but veteran and elite naval units defend coast from Westersea brigands and Murdath raiding parties.

Major Cities: Dimur, Zalan

Major Religions: Dimu “The Jungle Lord”, various small cults both legal and illegal.

Government: Elected High Plutarch, usually either a leader of one of the merchants guilds or a puppet of the guilds

Law: The Dimugian legal system is harsh and generally seen by outsiders to be unfair. Good legal representation is expensive in Dimurgia and completely necessary to understand the arcane nature of the statute books. Penalties can be anything from loss of a limb or other body part, Slavery, or even enrolment in a gladiatorial school for the masses entertainment.

Notes: The two most often used phrases attached to the nation of Dimurgia by foreigners are “Money Talks, bullshit walks” and “Its not what you know but who you know”. Dimurgia is a nation of extremes, from the glittering palaces of the Plutarch and the excessive lifestyles of high ranking merchants guild members to the filth strewn streets of Dimurs old quarter, social inequality and the rule of a harsh regime are felt everywhere in Dimurgia but most especially in the capital city of Dimur. Slavery and Indentured servitude are not just accepted they are often socially expected. This three-tiered nation can be summed up as “The Rich, The Powerful, and the rest of the scum”.

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