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March 15, 2010

Population: 300,000 (70% Axilian, 10% Heltron, 5% Axian Raiders, 15% other)

Exports: Top quality Wine and Food, jade and blood gems mined by the Heltron.

Enemies: The Axian nation

Technology: Dimurgian imported engineering expertise

Military: Small standing army and navy, backed up by several legions of Dimurgian crack troops.

Major Cities: Axil

Major Religions: Shamanic spirit and ancestor worship now being steadily tinged with influences from the Dimugian cults.

Government: Ruled by an elected council of elders.

Law: Some tribal elements of Axian law remain but in mostly overridden in favour of Dimurgian law.

Notes: The people of Axilia whilst proud of their warrior traditions and history see themselves as a more progressive nation than their Axian counterparts to the east. Most of the actual progress in Axilia can be traced to one source, Dimurgian expertise. Dimurgian culture and technology has been imported wholesale to Axilia over the last century or so. Many of the members of the council of elders attained their position due to a close association with Dimurgian noblemen and Merchants. Some would even go so far as to say that Axilia is ruled from Dimur, with the Dimurgian ambassador (Galin Xanis) being the most powerful man in the kingdom. This does not sit well with a large vocal minority of traditionalists and Axilian nationalists.

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