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March 15, 2010

Population: 100,000 (80% Axian Tribesmen, 10% Heltron, 10% other)

Exports: Jade and blood gems mined by the Heltron, and a lot of red acidic dust

Enemies: The Axilian nation, most non-Axians

Technology: Metal Weapons but only non-metal armours

Military: Roving Tribes, no National army or navy.

Major Cities: None, large numbers of clans settle at delta of river Xuia

Major Religions: Shamanic spirit and ancestor worship with Aixane “The Great Hunter” being a major figure amongst these.

Government: Tribal elders meet from time to time to discuss territorial and spiritual matters.

Law: Each tribe makes its own, generally decided by tribal elders and Shamen

Notes: The Axian nation is a harsh land, with desert to the south a barren scrubland at its heart and the red wastes to the north not many can live here. The Axians can rightly claim to be the toughest of the humanoid races and defend their territory with a similarly harsh hand. Any non axian travelling in this land is taking their life in their hands.

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