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March 15, 2010

Population: 2 million (60% Arthian, 20% Parthian, 10% Fregallu, 10% other)

Exports: Precious Gems, Metal, Poetry

Enemies: Westersea Nation, Kahame

Technology: Excellent Metalworking

Military: Small Elite Navy, Strong Cavalry, moderate standing militia of serfs.

Major Cities: Westsea, Irongate City

Major Religions: Khell the Excelsior, The Parthian pantheon is also strongly favoured here.

Government: Elected King (currently Aynor Killrosen, chosen by the most powerful Arthis families.)

Law: Varies by region, meted out by local sheriff as appointed by local lord, harshness depends on local lord. On certain matters trial by combat is afforded to those of noble birth if the local lord approves.

Notes: Most Arthians are serfs working as farmers, traders or craftsmen. Arthis is ruled over by a small and powerful elite of landowners. No pretence of democracy is seen amongst those of Arthian stock unlike there nearby neighbours the parthians. Those of noble Arthian stock have a proud and long history of military service either as Knights or Navy Captains. Many members of Arthian nobility have pretensions of being “Noble defenders of the common man” but can as often be seen meeting out cruel punishments to common folk who fail to bring in a good harvest. Many of the Arthian noblemen who claim to be followers of the “Way of Khell” are seldom up to the job, the rare exception being the members of the elite religious Knights Excelsior who are seen by the common man as the true representatives of Khell. Unfortunately most of the more well to do Arthian nobles see them more as “An overly earnest pain in the posterior”.

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