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The Farnine are a minute (6 inches or so) race of bluish tinged winged men, they are vegetarian in nature and enjoy nothing more than the midsummer and mid winter feasts of nuts berries and sweet ales consumed along to the mesmerising Farnine pipes and lyre.

The Farnine tend to live in and around the afforested areas of Frenalia, Arthis and Parthia, they sometimes trade and work with other races when it is to their advantage, they seem especially to get along with Filu and Borth communities. The Farnine very rarely live in other races communities but they sometimes employ or “Adopt” members of other races to help with the heavy work in their communities.

Not being very strong or tough the Farnine have developed into excellent users of both subterfuge and more importantly magic to defend their territories. Manys the raiding party that has entered a Farnine glade to rob their food and gold to return with no knowledge of who they are or where they come from, some never return at all. The Farnine at their core are easygoing nature worshipers and a good proportion of Uvan (The Earthfathers) can be seen amongst their number.

Suggested Careers: Gatherer, Minstrel, Brewer, Guardsman, Diplomat / Trader, Earthfather of Uvan, Trickster/Thief

Suggested Boons: Flight (Can Fly at normal human pace, ½ if flying upwards 1½ if flying downwards). (Costs 2 Boons)

Stats Notes: Maximum Strength: -1 Minimum agility: +1



The Dimugian race are born traders and travellers, quick of tongue and sharp of whit the Dimugian respects a snappy comeback almost as much as a sharp dagger or a full purse. Dimurgia is a temperate nation mostly composed of jungle wilds (in which the Mungar rule) with the civilized portions in the costal areas.

Dimurgians tend to have light to dark brown skin and be quite slight in stature, but make no mistake they are strong of whit and militarily second to only the Parthians. Many Dimurgians are followers of the ancient god Dimu who expects (and receives) human sacrifice to himself and the other Jungle Lords.

Suggested Careers: Bodyguard, Caravan Mercenary, Sailor, Marine, Freedom Coast Pirate, Trader, Priest of Dimur, Storyteller, Womaniser, Shopkeeper, Criminal

Suggested Boons: Gift of The Gab (+1d to trading rolls)


The Borth are a large (7ft and up) muscular humanoid race of friendly pacifists, they tend to have dark grey almost elephantine skin colouration and texture, light coloured eyes and flat faces upon which there are two slit like holes in position where most races have a nose. The Borth are a race that take simple pride in a days work for a days pay and seldom get upset about anything.

Many borth can be seen in human society making their way doing heavy labour jobs in farming, construction and as stevedores. Although physically imposing a Borth will seldom involve himself in any type of physical conflict, may historians believe that the more aggressive elements of borth culture have been bred out after centuries of enslavement by both Parthian and Dimugian cultures and also because of the Borth religion “Bune” which is very similar to the Liang concept of  “Lai” but with more emphasis on service to ones lord than on self discipline.

It is said that certain factions of Borth Bune monks study the martial aspects of self-discipline and warrior hood with a focus on defeating the self-ego to better serve the objectives of the Bune religion. Magic is incredibly rare amongst borth but has been seen in some sects of the Bune religion. Also certain Borth have been taken into larger schools of non-aggressive magics for training.

Suggested Careers: Labourer, Borth of Burden, Nobleman’s Sedan Carrier, Farmer, Slave, Monk

Sugegsted Boons: Tough Skinned (+1 natural armour)

Suggested Flaws: Pacifist

Stats Notes: Maximum Strength = 6, Maximum Agility = 3


The axilian nation and the axian nation where once the same but the axilian nation eventually managed to build year round settlements and “Civilize” themselves, developing a written tongue and basic engineering in the process. Most major Axilian engineering still involves trade with and use of Dimurgian resources. This further antagonises the Axian nations, who see Axilians as the “Weakling Lap Dogs” of Dimurgia.

While axil still has a proud warrior tradition (and some of the scarring of axian warriors can be seen amongst the elite army units of axilia) Axilia now makes a lot of its living from trade of goods and farming. For some reason Axilia seems to escape the worst of the red wastes unlike the hardened tribesmen of axia. Axil religion is a mishmash of old axian shamanism and Dimurgian cults.

Suggested Careers: Solider, Bodyguard, Caravan Mercenary, Trader, Shaman, Priest, Elder or Matriarch.

Suggested Boons:


The Axians are a tribal nation who rely on the toughness of their warriors and the spirits of their shamen for survival. An axian is judged by their fighting and hunting prowess, the axian nation treats its women well but not as equals to men, a woman who does not bear children is worthless to the nation of axil but will be tolerated if she works well in tending to the flocks. An axians status can be seen from their tribal scars, a highly ranked axians face is a ripped and pockmarked affair with many folds of skin pierced with gold and silver trinkets.

The axian nation has no cities, axia will not support such large groupings it is a harsh land and so axian settlements travel seasonally to wherever the food or war booty is best. Some tribes are primarily hunters; some work from time to time as mercenaries.

The axil nation is officially at “war” with the Axilian nation and has been for as long as either side can remember; this “war” currently consists of the occasional raid and general banditry. Axian culture is based around an oral history tradition axia has no written language, religion is a shamanic spirit and ancestor worship based religion with the figure of Aixane – The Great Hunter figuring greatly amongst these.

Suggested Careers: Barbarian Warrior, Hunter, Shepard, Shaman, Bandit, Mercenary, Tribal Elder or Tribal Matriarch

Suggested Boons:


The Arthian race are a hardy common sense group of humans usually wide of shoulder and dark haired, they are less inclined towards artistic and cultural endeavours than the Parthians to the east but by the same token are much enamoured of the creative crafts (Woodworking, Blacksmithing, etc). Most Arthians are serfs working as farmers, traders or craftsmen, Arthis itself being ruled over by a small and powerful elite of landowners. No pretence of democracy is seen amongst those of Arthian stock unlike there nearby neighbours the Parthians. Those of noble Arthian stock have a proud and long history of military service either as Knights or Navy Officers.

Suggested Careers: Nobleman, Knight, Trader, Engineer, Naval Officer, Farmer, Craftsman

Suggested Boons:

Parthus – The World Singer

Parthus – The World Singer. Parthus it is said created the world by singing the great song for a year and a day. He is the father of all the Parthian gods. Other members of the pantheon include Relane daughter of the earth, Paxis – The Sea Lord, Malius the trickster and Darene the duplicitous.